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pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus

Children grow. Especially at school, they sometimes surpass themselves. That requires a chair that fits any size. The PRO Plusminus, with a 51 cm seat heigh and a flexible foot rest, simulates the DIN EN 1729 sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5. The height can be easily adjusted with a single hand movement, without tools.

Elementary school classes in particular profit from the flexible chair that grows with the child. So do learning groups that span across several grades. Who else is happy about it? Teachers, because they don’t have to bend down as deeply as before.

pro chair plusminus

PRO CHAIR Plusminus

  • Footrest, adjustable to 4 settings, for multi-grade lessons
  • Precise positioning without tools
  • Narrow construction allows for chair circles in small spaces
  • Stackable
  • Can be placed on tables
pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus
pro chair plusminus
Recommended use

School, university, educational facility


Seat shell
100 % polypropylene. With anti-slip and matt texture on the seat surface and durable structure on the back of the seat shell.

Curved precision, round spring steel pipe (Ø exterior = 25 mm)
(with permanently welded lateral rod made of flat steel)

05 Snow White (RAL 9002)
09 Granite Grey (RAL 7037)
06 Graphite Black (RAL 9005)
73 Warm Grey (NCS S5005-Y20R)
11 Aqua Blue (RAL 210 70 10)
31 Coral Red (RAL 040 40 60)
14 Kiwi Green (RAL 100 70 60)

Frame colours, powder-coated.


Felt glider, Universal glider, Hyper glider

8,2 kg

Stackable (2-3 chairs). Height adjustable, directly on the table with tabletop guard.

Fire protection:
Seat shell available in a flame-retardant (optional) version, tested in accordance with DIN 4102-1 for building material class B1. Test certificate no. 230008573 can be sent upon request.

DIN EN 1729, incl. colour coding

pro chair plusminus
SizeSeat height (to footrest)Body sizeAge group
231 cm108–121 cm3–6 years
335 cm119–142 cm6–10 years
438 cm133–159 cm8–12 years
543 cm146–177 cm10–14 years
DXF-, DWG-Data

Data in different formats for architects and planners available on request.

Data sheet

Further product details can be found in the data sheet:

Seat shell

What people in practice say about this:

“Whoever is responsible for the procurement of school furniture, like me, knows the problem. Especially in the primary school sector, we are dealing with different chair and table sizes that are in doubt too small or too large. With the PRO Plusminus footrest chair, on the other hand, I’m investing a single chair that always fits.”

And the best thing about it is that our PRO CHAIR Plusminus requires only one table height.

Karl-Heinz Becker, Procurement Department

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